Monthly Archives: April 2012

Simple Tips for Effective Pinterest Marketing


Are you familiar with Pinterest? Chances are you probably heard of it but aren’t actually a member or know much about it. Pinterest in a nutshell is a social network with an ecosystem that revolves around virtual bulletin boards.

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Maintaining Your Motivation as a Maverick


People hate change. Whether it’s your kid sister rebelling against her new curfew or your hipster friend refusing to buy suits for his new corporate job, few people find comfort in the new and unknown.

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How to Stretch Startup Money Into Salaries for Rockstar Talent


When recently asked what the top tips are for recruiting rock-star talent to a brand-new business when salary money is tight, YEC members had the following to say.

1. The perk of autonomy Salary isn’t everything, and talented individuals thrive on interesting work, challenges and the opportunity to make a big impact.

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