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Want to Start a Business With Little Money and Effort?


What’s the easiest, least expensive online business to start now?

1. Service-Based Businesses Save Money

When you don’t have to worry about product development, manufacturing, shipping, etc., it’s easy to keep overhead costs low.

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Work With Family? 14 Tips for Success (and Sanity)


1. Keep Up the Clarity

Have clear legal agreements in place from day one. Beyond the good practice of securing contracts, you’ll have an impartial, non-family member reference point–should conflicts arise.

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15 Must Ask Interview Questions for Your First Few Startup Hires


Q. What’s one must-ask interview question for your first few startup hires?

A. Will You Make Copies?

350-001 exam

At startups, everyone needs to pitch in, including doing the occasional administrative task.

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