Monthly Archives: August 2012

E-book Marketing Basics


In this digital age, a lot of people believe that “anyone” can write a book and publish it online. (Anyone can, but there’s a big difference between a thirty-page diatribe against The Man, complete with crayon-drawn illustrations, and a novel worthy of comparisons to Kurt Vonnegut!)

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The Creative Approach: Stand Out From Your Competitors


Q. What’s the most creative thing you’ve seen a small biz do recently (contest, ad, promotion, event, etc.) to stand out from competitors?

1. Largest-Ever Beach Ball War at Fenway

Typically, RaceMenu helps host races, but recently they branched out with an incredibly successful event that brought entrepreneurs, investors, and executives together at a Red Sox game.

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How Social Communities Benefit Consumers — And Grow Your Bottom Line


In today’s fast-paced world, people enjoy finding time to connect with one another. Whether it’s to write a book or share recipes, communities provide spaces where similarly inclined people can connect.

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