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10 Startup Hiring Challenges (And Tips to Overcome Each)


Question: What is one common issue that you have faced with startup hires and how have you rectified the situation?

Question by: Nina

Can’t Adapt to Startup Style

“Team members, especially those from more traditional industries, may not be used to the change and fast pace involved in a startup.

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15 Tips to Peacefully Break Up With Your Business Partner


What’s one tip for ending a business partnership gracefully (or at least, without lawsuits)?

A. Go Back to the Contract If you had the foresight to create one, consult the partnership agreement or other business documents that detail the structure of the business and how disagreements or severance is handled.

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Bounce back from startup hiring mistakes



Hiring for a startup is a challenge. The team dynamics are vitally important, especially since the group is often so small that one staffing mistake can turn a happy workplace into a war zone.

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