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10 Ways Startups Can Use Video to Effectively Drive Sales

Yahoo Small Business

Q: How can startups leverage video in their marketing campaigns to drive sales?


Demonstrate to Drive Sales

“Rather than a paragraph describing your business in prose, include a video how-to or demonstration on your website homepage or landing page that prospective customers can watch to get a sense for your product or service.

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Slingshot Your Way To Success: How To Compete With Goliath


Entrepreneurs are competitive. They make it through hard work, intuition, and by fighting for clients, market share, and stability. Being competitive is an asset in the professional world, but sometimes this attitude can cause blindness in a business owner who becomes focused solely on the finish line.

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The Trick To Getting A Job At A Hot Startup


Q: What’s one interview tip you have for a job seeker who is looking to work at an entrepreneurial startup?


Demonstrate how you pivot

“Entrepreneurs like to move quickly, so offer examples that show your flexibility.

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