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13 Questions You Need to Ask Your First Startup Hires

Alley Watch

What one question should startup leaders ask early-stage hires to make sure there’s potential for growth?

CAN YOU ADAPT? “Ask for examples in which potential hires completed tasks or projects that were outside their comfort area or not directly related to their role. 

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10 Best Online Tools Available for A/B Testing Conversions


What are the best tools available online for A/B testing conversions?

1. Unbounce When creating a new landing page, Unbounce is our company’s go-to for A/B testing conversions. It is quick, gets the job done, and the analytics are actionable.

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10 Surprisingly Useful Pearls of Wisdom for Startup Founders


What is one unexpected piece of advice you received that ended up being extremely helpful when starting your business?

1. Proliferate Positives, Don’t Fix Negatives “When starting to work with other people, I figured we would find out what people did not do well, fix it and make people well-rounded and good at everything.

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