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14 Must-Read Books for New Startup Hires

By | In Company Culture, Entrepreneurship, Hiring & Firing, Leadership, Your Career | February 11, 2015 Share on twitterShare on linkedinShare on facebookShare on google_plusone_shareShare on pinterest_shareShare on emailMore Sharing Services6

What better way to welcome a new employee than by setting them up for immediate success with a book about the industry?

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14 Best Practices for Building a Successful Online Presence

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Continuing our Business Development Series of articles, the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) posed another set of questions to their membership. The question posed discusses the first step(s) in building an online presence.
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12 Ways a Young Professional Can Really Impress the Boss


You got the job. You’re starting today. And you want to hit the ground running… you must impress, right away.

To help you do just that, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this question:

“What is the one out-of-the-box thing a young team member can do to impress you the most?”

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