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14 Important Leadership Lessons Learned From Great Bosses


1. Listen to What Your Team Says

The best boss I ever had truly listened to what everyone else had to say. I had bosses who just told us all what to do and walked away when we started talking, but my best boss would sit down and really listen.

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15 Book Publication Mistakes that Could Cost You — Big!


Whether you’re self-publishing or going the traditional route, getting your book out there is not always as easy as it sounds. Especially if it’s your first try. From researching your target market to making sure your content is top-notch or developing a sales strategy that really works, there are many things to take into account on your journey to becoming a successful author.

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14 Smart Techniques to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Losing a customer late in the shopping cycle can be frustrating. Customers have gone through the full call-to-action process, filled their carts and are all set to check out, and then they vanish, leaving you asking yourself what went wrong.

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