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5 Ways to Hone Your Management Style (If You’re New to Managing)

Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes. That’s how you learn. When you become a manager, you’re suddenly navigating unfamiliar territory. The key to success in your new role is treating everything as a learning opportunity, especially any mistakes you may make along the way.


10 Creative Ways to Use Snapchat to Grow Your Brand

Snapchat is more than just a social media tool. It’s a unique way to give the world a behind-the-scenes look into makes your brand so distinguished. Here are 10 creative ways you can use Snapchat to elevate your brand.


The Differences Between Silent Partners and Investors

1. An Investor Helps Directly With Operations  An investor is someone who not only invests in a company but also plays a role in the daily operations and management decisions. A silent partner usually invests a large sum of money but prefers not to be involved in the daily operations.

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10 Strategies for Negotiating Like a Pro

Seal the deal on your next business opportunity. As a business owner, getting what you want is imperative to your company’s success. That’s because losing a deal could mean losing a competitive advantage—whether it be resources, clients, or sales that are meant to propel your business forward.

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Why you should write a business book

Everything has a story behind it, but if that story isn’t told, who cares? If no one had written down the tales of Camelot, King Arthur and the Round Table would be unknown today.

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Self-Publishing in the 21st Century: It’s Not Just for Authors

Five years ago, if you’d felt like doing a little reading, you would most likely have reached for a physical, printed book. Today, you might grab your iPad or Kindle. Our idea of a “book” has changed dramatically with the advent of e-readers and tablets, but today, what constitutes a “publisher” is also up for debate.


Stop, Smell the Roses, and Prevent Startup Burnout

When I started my business, the commute from my bedroom to my office was just three steps. While wearing a bathrobe to work was an undeniable pleasure, there were other aspects of this arrangement that were not so relaxing.


Breaking the Stereotype That Reading isn’t Manly

Nicolas Gremion asserts that if we could make the culinary arts cool for men, then we can make reading cool, too.

You’ve just bought a new entertainment center. It’s going to require a bit of assembly, and though you’re ashamed to admit it, you suck with tools.