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Grow Customer Engagement This Holiday Season With Free Giveaways

Offering customers and prospects free giveaways can be a powerful strategy to increase brand visibility, drive engagement and increase sales, especially during the holiday season. Although giving away free products may seem counterintuitive, well-executed giveaways and contests can help you achieve rapid growth.

11 Key Steps to Take After a Startup Investor Turns Down Your Pitch

After a startup investor turns down your idea, what is the first thing you should do as you approach next steps? 1. Understand Why Ask why they are turning you down.


Make Your Employees Feel Valued With These 6 Festive Gifts

If you didn’t already finish your holiday shopping over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, you might start stressing as the end-of-year holidays inch closer and closer. Maybe you have picked out the perfect gifts for family members but don’t know what to get each employee on your team.


14 Design Elements to Make Your Office or Storefront Stand Out

Your office or retail space may be in need of an overhaul. Redesigning these areas can provide more flow and efficiency in their design and function. Through the use of lighting, space and new amenities, you can greatly improve the work area for your employees or make it more inviting for customers to engage with you.

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How important has written communication been to your success?

While most of us wouldn’t hesitate to go on a first date with a pretty face, we probably wouldn’t go much further without a connection. How, exactly, do two parties connect?


Best Advice I Ever Got: Nicolas Gremion

Nicolas Gremion moved to Costa Rica with a credit card and an idea for changing the book-publishing business. Crazy? Maybe, but it’s working.

Nicolas Germion is the founder and CEO of Paradise Publishers Inc.,


Why you should write a business book

Everything has a story behind it, but if that story isn’t told, who cares? If no one had written down the tales of Camelot, King Arthur and the Round Table would be unknown today.

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Self-Publishing in the 21st Century: It’s Not Just for Authors

Five years ago, if you’d felt like doing a little reading, you would most likely have reached for a physical, printed book. Today, you might grab your iPad or Kindle. Our idea of a “book” has changed dramatically with the advent of e-readers and tablets, but today, what constitutes a “publisher” is also up for debate.