Nicolas Gremion

Date : Month: September 2012

Book Publishing For The 21st Century: Foboko

Are you someone who can’t resist the “free” bin at your local used bookstore? Would you love to write a book about your travels, your ideas, or your best recipes? Are you a hard-core bibliophile trying to figure out how eBooks are going to work in your world? If you...

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An Interview with Nicolas Gremion, Founder of Foboko

Today, we’re talking with Nicolas Gremion, founder of Foboko, a social publishing network where members get support writing their book from peers and connect directly with readers. 1. How and where did you get the idea for your company? Perhaps when I retell the story...

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Tech Profile: Foboko

In a nutshell, what is Foboko? Foboko is a social community with a built-in “publishing wizard.” It breaks the e-book writing and publishing process down into baby steps, and any would-be authors can open their work to the community at any time for h5.hidden...

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8 Easy Website Plugins to Automate Online Sales

What are the best easy-to-use plugins or web apps to automate sales on your website? 1. Start With WooCommerce Whether you’re selling physical or digital products, WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use plugins you can find —...

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11 Ways to Market to Local Clients

What is one way to expand your client base in your neighborhood? 1. Speak at Local Events Speaking has been one of the best way for me to grow my client base, both locally and internationally. How do you get started? Find events and businesses that you can partner...

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13 Top SEO Tools For Startups

Which SEO tools have been most helpful to your business? 1. SEOMoz for Everything SEOMoz’s suite of products has essentially provided us the value of our own personal SEO consultant. We use their tools track keyword rankings, rate on-page optimization, and track links...

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