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Snapchat is more than just a social media tool. It’s a unique way to give the world a behind-the-scenes look into makes your brand so distinguished. Here are 10 creative ways you can use Snapchat to elevate your brand.

A. Post Team Pictures and Activities

We use Snapchat to show the human side of our business by posting pictures and videos of our daily activities, work environment, community involvement and other events outside of work that represent our brand. – Angela Ruth, Due

A. Educate Others

Brands are using Snapchat to educate their viewers on a given topic. Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures is a great example: He shares long-form stories explaining topics related to startups and venture capital. I learn valuable lessons that I can incorporate as a founder, and I now subscribe to his blog weekly. – Andrew Thomas, SkyBell Doorbell

A. Demo Your Product/Services

2016-10-26-1477493590-8908085-NicolasGremion.jpgThis is a great means of indirect advertising. Instead of selling (therefore, pushing) your brand onto an audience, you can educate them about your product. Remember, it should be about them, not you. Show them how your product/services work, but more importantly, show them how it’s going to improve their lives. – Nicolas Gremion,

A. Create Your Own Geofilters

Geofilters are reasonably priced and very effective, particularly if your company hosts events. They typically cost under to create, and your event’s attendees will want use them, share them and talk about them. Just make sure to submit your custom geofilter a few days in advance, so there’s enough time for approval. – Carlo Cisco, SELECT

A. Post Specialized Content

Use Snapchat to publish exclusive content to excited users. With Snapchat’s fleeting format, you can show users a different side of your brand or company that’s not available on other public social outlets. You can also surprise your Snapchat followers with exclusive perks and promotions. – Adelyn Zhou, Alight Labs

A. Focus on Fostering Genuine Interaction

Snapchat is just like any other interactive tool — the more authentic you are with your audience, the more likely they’ll respond positively. If you’re looking to promote your brand on Snapchat, do so by focusing on the real people in your company. Tell real stories, and don’t make your snaps seem overly-produced. People will appreciate the genuine interaction. – Yaniv Masjedi, Nextiva

A. Host an Influencer Takeover

Snapchat is a great vehicle for indirect marketing and becoming a tastemaker within your field. Look at your core demographic and identify key influencers. Create an open dialogue with them, and give them the opportunity to help build upon your storytelling by hosting takeovers on your brand’s handle. This won’t just create compelling content, but it will help attract the influencer’s audience too. – Justin Lefkovitch, Mirrored Media

A. Get a Snapchat Celebrity to Endorse You

Snapchat celebrities are different from everyday celebrities on Snapchat in that they’ve built much (if not all) of their following through the social media tool. They have a huge, loyal and receptive demographic of followers. For example, DJ Khaled has had great success by creating a more authentic brand of celebrity endorsements, and CyreneQ has made endorsements fun with her colorful snaps. – Kevin Telford, SurfWatch Labs

A. Offer Giveaways

When hosting an event for our clients, we remind those who can’t make it to follow along on Snapchat. Once the event starts, we live-snap the entire thing and offer exclusive giveaways to our followers at home. By doing this, you’re encouraging people to follow you, and promoting interest in your brand. – Bryanne Lawless, BLND Public Relations

A. Prove That You’re a True Representation of Your Brand

If you’re building a brand, you need to show that you’re living the life the brand represents. Shoot videos and photos of you and your team excited about the very product or service you’re selling in a casual, relatable way. You want users to watch your Snapchat and say to themselves, “I would love to hang out with this person.” – Carter Thomas, Bluecloud Solutions

These answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.