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It’s not always easy to jump out of bed in the morning. Even if you do jump out of bed, you might not get going till you pour a coffee or 3. We talked to 10 members of the Young Entrepreneur Council to discover 3 things they do in the morning that give them enough energy to power through the day.

The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

1. Read, Catch Up on Social Media, Exercise

I like to read the headlines and maybe a chapter in a book to get my mind fired up. Getting through social media feeds gives me a chance to enjoy a guilty pleasure early so it doesn’t distract from energy and productivity throughout the day. Finally, if I don’t exercise at the start of the day, I’ll never get to it. It keeps me fit but also gives me needed energy. – Drew HendricksButtercup

2. Check Statistics, Review Email, Sift Through Social Media

Assuming a good night’s sleep, I maintain the same routine every morning. If business metrics are down, it’s motivation to get to work. If business metrics are looking good, it’s motivation to keep the momentum growing. Reviewing email and sifting through social media give me a pulse of what’s happening for our business, the industries we are in and the world. – Shawn

3. Go Through High-Intensity Interval Training, Meditate, Have Bulletproof Coffee

I wake up and do a quick high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routine. Then I hit my yoga mat to center myself and meditate to get in the right headspace for the day ahead. Afterward, I drink a green smoothie and a Bulletproof Coffee with a bit of Bulletproof’s Brain Octane oil. Then I get down to business with loads of energy to power through anything. – Natalie MacNeilShe Takes on the World

4. Kiss My Wife, Walk Our Dog, Play With Our Daughter

In the mornings when I wake up, I kiss my wife, walk our dog and then play with our baby daughter before I head to work. They power me through the day. I want to provide well and spend time with them. The more efficient I’m at work and the less I bring home, the more we get to spend together. So think about whatever motivates you each morning and dedicate that day to making it happen. – Nicolas

5. Swim, Unplug, Rock Out

A morning swim helps clear my mind. The repetition and not thinking actually gives me the energy to handle my daily goals. Not reading email first thing also helps me stay focused. If I have the time, I play guitar or listen to loud music to get my blood flowing. All of this starts me off feeling fresh and energized to take on the day. A Redbull doesn’t give me any of these benefits. – Andy Leff, Electricity Labs/Warp Speed Labs

6. Eat Breakfast, Exercise, Start With a Positive Attitude

I eat a healthy breakfast, hit the gym and listen to my “power playlist” before heading into the office. A healthy breakfast and workout helps to jumpstart my metabolism, make me feel more energized, and improve my mood and concentration at work. My power playlist not only boosts my mood but also instills a winning attitude in me and inspires me to have a productive day. – Jake DunlapSkaled

7. Drink Water, Practice Yoga, Meditate

First, immediately upon waking up I drink a glass of water to rehydrate. Other than when you sleep, when do you not drink for eight hours? I follow this with 5-10 minutes of yoga and stretching to get my blood flowing and prepare my body for the day. Yoga right after waking is better than coffee. I then meditate for 20 minutes to focus my mind and set my intention for the day. – Brian SmithS Brian Smith Group

8. Drink Coffee, Read, Plan Ahead

I start every day with a coffee and five minutes alone to appreciate the fact that I’m here and that I’m very lucky. Then I spend thirty minutes or so reading something completely unrelated to business. It’s important to have other interests — business isn’t everything. After that, it’s down to work, which starts with looking at my to-do list and figuring out a short list of the day’s priorities. – Vik PatelFuture Hosting

9. Control My Adrenaline, Control My Computer and Control My Phone

The days I know I have the most to do are the days I am most susceptible to burnout. I adopted the practice of “zero adrenaline,” where I don’t check my phone, have limited coffee and take an Uber to work. At the office, I make sure I never have more than one browser window open (if any) to maintain focus. I also put my phone on Airplane mode which helps keep me on task. – Carter ThomasBluecloud Solutions

10. Eat, Walk, Organize

Give your mind fuel to work appropriately and the energy to continue throughout the day. Skipping this step will leave you hungry and mentally depleted. Walk or exercise to get the blood pumping to the brain. Any kind of cardio gets me physically moving, which also wakes up my mind. Before diving into work, I look at what I need to do and create a to-do list of what I want to accomplish. – Angela RutheCash