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With so many diverse marketing opportunities now available to business owners, we thought we’d ask 12 startup founders from the Young Entrepreneur Council where they plan to focus the majority of their marketing efforts for the remainder of 2014. Some of their answers (hint: not all are focusing on mobile or big data alone) may surprise you and give some insight into new opportunities too. 640-692 dumps

1. Facebook Audiences kristopher jones
Facebook Audiences is live and available to all Facebook advertisers. Facebook Audiences allows you to upload email lists, which Facebook compares to its own email database, and target specific users. Even if you already email the list, by also marketing to them on Facebook, you are more likely to generate responses by cross-channel marketing than email alone. 640-822
– Kristopher Jones (, ( )

2. ConferencesPatrick Conley
In the age of constant distraction online and digital everything, we tend to find our best clients through traditional in-person events. Looking back at 2013, our biggest wins all came from face-to-face introductions, even though we are primarily an online technology company. The connections made in person are deep and hard to replace.
– Patrick Conley (, Automation Heroes ( )

3. Automated CampaignsBrett Farmiloe
Automated campaigns triggered by customer behavior (like a click or purchase) are at the top of our list for 2014. We’ll be building landing pages, mapping out custom email campaigns and getting the right communications in place to automate most of our marketing. This will free up more time to focus on other parts of our business.
– Brett Farmiloe (, Internet Marketing Company ( )

 4. HubspotBobby grajewski
Hubspot is helping us refine and automate a large part of our marketing efforts.
– Bobby Grajewski, Edison Nation Medical ( )

5. Content Charles Gaudet
Whether you’re creating We best online casino just recently assessed a that was in a laptop that was dropped. content for the media, articles to casino share on your blog or information you’re syndicating to other sources, people are hungry for information and can’t get Fruit machines enough of it. Prospects want to find a online casinos solution to their problem. By positioning yourself as the answer to their problem, you’re already one step ahead of your competition.
– Charles Gaudet (, Predictable Profits ( )

6. SEO joseph dewoody
Our top marketing investment for 2014 will be in SEO and mobile advertising and development. The whole world Examples of Soft InquiriesMany aspects of life are affected by credit score ratings ratings. is moving toward mobile through the use of smartphones with Internet and casino app access. We want to be download games for cp very good and fast at capitalizing on these trends. We hope to expand our market reach through these avenues in 2014.
– Joseph P. DeWoody (, Clear Fork Royalty ( )

7. Email MarketingNicolas Gremion
Email marketing continues to casino be our bread and butter despite not generating mobile and dgfev online casino social levels of media hype. In 2013, it accounted for 47 percent of our sales. According to SBNonline, email marketing generates nearly $40 for every $1 spent, compared to approximately $20 for online ads and $13 casino online for social.
– Nicolas Gremion, Free-eBooks.net )

8. Personal BrandsChris Cancialosi
Building the online thought leadership presence of our entire staff is at the top of our list this year. It’s never too early to hone your ability in writing and develop a unique point of view about your area of subject matter expertise. All of our team members are expected to begin developing their online presence in 2014. It will help the company and help them as individuals no matter where their careers take them.
– Chris Cancialosi (, GothamCulture ( )

9. Web ExperienceTina Wells
Even though we updated our website almost a year go, it’s already outdated! Clients, like consumers in general, are consuming more content via mobile than ever before. I want to make sure our mobile and tablet experiences are up to par.
– Tina Wells (, Buzz Marketing Group ( )

10. ReferralsPablo Villalba
Got happy customers? Make them refer you to new ones with their same needs. It’s the cheapest and most effective way to get quality signups.
– Pablo Villalba (, 8fit ( )

11. Re-MarketingFabian Kaempfer
One of our biggest focuses for this year is to increase customer frequency and retention. The best way to do that is to maximize our efforts toward our current customers and our huge social community. We plan to personalize their experience through on-site, email and ad efforts with information and offers that cater to their interests and their interactions with our brand.
– Fabian Kaempfer, Chocomize ( )

12. Videosdarrah brustein
We began playing with making short marketing videos in late 2013 and saw a lot of success with them. We are continuing to do this in 2014.
– Darrah Brustein (, Network Under 40 / Finance Whiz Kids ( )