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What are the best easy-to-use plugins or web apps to automate sales on your website?

1. Start With WooCommerce

Whether you’re selling physical or digital products, WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use plugins you can find — and it’s free. It offers inventory management, sales analytics and a very good support for wide variety of different payment gateways. It’s pretty much all you can ask for to easily automate your sales!juha liikala

Juha Liikala, WebVehicle Oy

thursday bram2. Wufoo Wins in Plugins

I use forms from Wufoo to manage all of my sales. Wufoo integrates with all sorts of other web apps for affiliate sales, recurring sales and so on, while also letting me gather important information during the purchase process.

Thursday Bram, Hyper Modern Consulting

matt mickiewicz3. Shopify Makes Sales

Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that simplifies life. It gets you up and running quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Tobi, the founder and CEO has build a tremendous product that now powers over 30,000 online stores.

Matt Mickiewicz, Flippa

pete kennedy4. Plug In PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination for WordPress creates very professional looking lightboxes to capture contact information from website visitors. This is important because the vast majority of your visitors won’t contact you right away. Therefore, by collecting an email address and possibly some other qualifying information, you can follow up and nurture the lead until ready.

Pete Kennedy, Main Street ROI

erin blaskie5. Get Into produces a fantastic WordPress e-commerce plugin that makes selling products/services via your WordPress-based website a breeze. The best part is that it’s free (you can purchase upgrades as well, but the base plugin is free). It has a lot of the same features as other more advanced shopping cart plugins, but since it’s a part of WordPress, it seems more seamless.

Erin Blaskie, BSETC

nicolas gremion6. Google and PayPal Both Pay Off

Google and PayPal both offer easy-to-install ‘Buy Now’ buttons. They take care of the rest, including all back-end responsibilities. Between the two, nearly all customers worldwide can send you money.

Nicolas Gremion,

emerson spartz7. Bring Sales With BuyAds

For those who have ever wanted to advertise on a website but had no idea how to do it, makes it simple. Their platform lets you choose the website, see transparent pricing, upload a banner, and pay with credit card or PayPal. On the flip side, it makes it easy for publishers like us to run advertiser campaigns because BuyAds handles most of the logistics and payment processes.

Emerson Spartz, Spartz Media

jordan guernsey8. Stick With Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft’s CRM is a cost-effective solution to help automate sales processes. Once you absorb the concept, the implementation is fairly painless if you can generate content.

Jordan Guernsey, Molding Box