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Are you someone who can’t resist the “free” bin at your local used bookstore? Would you love to write a book about your travels, your ideas, or your best recipes? Are you a hard-core bibliophile trying to figure out how eBooks are going to work in your world? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may want to check out

As they say on the site: “Foboko is maintained by a group of bibliophiles. Our mission is to promote literacy and share our authors’ messages with the world. We aim to accomplish this by providing quality services and free access of our eBooks to everyone.”

Aspiring authors can upload their books easily using the online wizard. If you’re trying to decide what to call your book or need help finding good cover art, just ask. The online community developing at Foboko may have some suggestions. Interested in editing? Someone may need your help. Need a co-author? Post your request and see who answers.

Don’t be fooled. This may look like an eBook producer, but it’s much more. Although still in beta mode, this team understands books and those who love them. They’ve put everything together on one site for potential authors, readers and aficionados.

Mind you, you don’t have to participate if all you want to do is read. For the small cost of signing up, you can download up to five books for free every month. If you want to read more, upgrade to VIP status for $29.99 a year or $7.50 a month if you are thinking short-term.

Foboko’s founder is familiar with the world of eBooks. He is Nicolas Gremion, CEO of, a source for free eBook downloads, eBook resources, and eBook authors. Foboko, which is scheduled to go live this month, is designed as a social publishing network. The site is currently looking for feedback, so it’s worth a visit if you want a voice in its final look and functionality.

There’s no denying that as is the site is inviting to people who love to read and write. From authentic German comfort food recipes to a study of building a successful brand online, the site promises insight and entertainment.

As the eBook world expands, the possibilities will, too. Combining the idea of an eBook publishing company with a community of like-minded individuals may be the new direction for literary efforts. With enough attention from readers and writers, Foboko could easily become the next step in eBook potential. Whether writer or reader, you might want to be in on the ground floor.