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Question: How do you use Pinterest for business? What results are you seeing?


“For us, Pinterest is a glorified photo album that allows us to also share inspiring and interesting things that are relevant to our industry. We pin visual interpretations of things we’d ordinarily tweet or blog. We also hired a designer to create cool images that subtly promote our brand while maintaining a shareworthy buzz.”

– Lisa Nicole Bell | Founder/CEO, Inspired Life Media Group


“For our graphics team, Pinterest is an ideal place to share custom design work created for websites, sales pages and advertising campaigns. It’s an interactive gallery of sorts and is linked back to our graphics offer page so leads can see our full range of work.”

– Kelly Azevedo | Founder, She’s Got Systems


“As we sell a physical product, most of our customers want to know how our watches will look with different outfits. Pinterest is a phenomenal way for our most excited fans (and us too!) to share different looks. Prospective customers see a much clearer picture of the value of the watches then they would by a still product shot.”

– Aaron Schwartz | Founder and CEO, Modify Watches


“Pinterest is the perfect medium to display our completed kitchen renovations. It is important to not be too promotional with your pins, so we strengthen the idea that our brand reflects a lifestyle by incorporating fun boards that have related content. The results so far have been great — Pinterest has become one of our top sources for web traffic that’s unrelated to search engines.”

– Anthony Saladino | Co-Founder & CEO, Kitchen Cabinet Kings


“Pinterest is visual marketing. It is a way of getting attention, improving click-through rate. It’s also great for spreading the word about a new book, an up-and-coming indie author or subjects related to eBooks. For example, we try to capitalize on trending topics, so we had a board that looked at the books to screen regarding the 84th Academy Awards, because they were all the buzz earlier this year.”

– Nicolas Gremion | CEO,


“Pinterest is great to show off our design work, like the digital press kits we make for clients. It’s just another way to get our brand out in front of an online audience, and it’s cheap. Just like with any other networking site, you have to take the time to build a following in order to maximize reach. I interact and comment on interesting posts that relate to my industry. Using keywords on pins and incorporating links works well by driving traffic back to the source — either our website or social media outlets. Pinterest just takes dedication and consistent pinning and posting to build an audience and see that increase in traffic. In that way, it’s similar to Twitter and Facebook; you just have to put in the time to see results!”

– John Hall | CEO, Digital Talent Agents


“I think that any company that isn’t leveraging Pinterest right now in some way for their business is absolutely insane. I’m a huge fan of the website myself and Pinterest makes it ridiculously simple to pin items to your boards and share them with the community. For a business, Pinterest provides a great way to humanize your brand and interact with your customers. There is a very low barrier to engagement, and we’re seeing that fans who would typically not respond to a Facebook or Twitter post will repin items to their board and make comments about what we post.”

– Andrew Saladino | Co-Founder & COO, Just Bath Vanities