Nicolas Gremion

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11 Tools For Managing Long-term Strategic Goals

What’s one tip for managing team members’ progress on long-term strategic goals or projects?     Basecamp “We love using Basecamp to monitor projects, goals and action items. It is a really great way to have visibility into what the team is working on. In...

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10 Pieces Of Unorthodox Startup Advice

What is a piece of advice you received and didn’t expect to be helpful but was when starting your business?
Proliferate Positives, Don’t Fix Negatives

“When starting to work with other people, I figured we would find out what people did not do well, fix it and make people well-rounded and good at everything. I was wrong. It is important, almost necessary, that you find what people excel at and have them do that day in and day out. If everyone is “good” at everything, you will never be an industry leader and disrupt the status quo.”

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17 Promotion Strategies That Work Wonders

What is one unique promotion strategy that I can use to drive up sales temporarily without impacting the perceived value of my product/service? The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the...

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7 Real-World Pinterest Strategies That Work

Question: How do you use Pinterest for business? What results are you seeing? A VISUAL MICROBLOGGING PLATFORM “For us, Pinterest is a glorified photo album that allows us to also share inspiring and interesting things that are relevant to our industry. We pin visual...

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15 Warning Signs Of Entrepreneurial Burnout

Question: What are some telltale signs that you’re starting to experience entrepreneurial burnout and need to hit the pause button? INPUT VS. OUTPUT “Are you working very hard and draining your batteries, but seeing very little concrete evidence of the time you’re...

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