Nicolas Gremion

Originally featured in : smallbiztrends

7 Tips for Adding a New Service to your Business

1. Test Your Prices with Existing Audiences “Anytime we roll out a new product or service, we always test the price with a few — we usually limit the number of lists to three — different existing segmented email lists that signed for that specific topic or a related...

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9 Sure Signs of a Loyal Customer

As a founder, you know what makes a good CTO, CFO, Social Media Manager and so on. But can you identify the same sort of qualities in your clients? We asked nine entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question: “What is a sure sign of a...

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11 Ways to Successfully Promote Your New Book

Writing a book is hard work. But after the ink has dried, your real work is just beginning. After all, you want people to appreciate and learn from all your research. What is one effective tool or strategy I can use to promote my new business book? 1. Speak for Free...

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Things to Consider Before Relocating Your Company

Moving to a new city can be exciting, but scary. Moving and relocating your company to a new city? That can take some adjustment. While a big move can really ramp up business, it can never hurt to be over-prepared. What is one often overlooked thing I should consider...

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