Nicolas Gremion

Originally featured in : Business Insider

13 Jobs Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Learn From

Question: What's one suggestion you'd give an aspiring entrepreneur in terms of prior work experience? Should they freelance? Work at a startup first? Go corporate? All of the above? Work at a Startup First "I think it is most beneficial to work at a startup first....

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9 Strategies to Hit Your Crowdfunding Goal

Question: What's your #1 tip for raising your target funding amount using crowdsourcing? Reward the Media "With a compelling offer to your backers, anticipation is built, and a great story is created. You'll attract more backers and give the media something...

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11 Methods For Dealing With Problem Employees

Question: What's your number one tip for dealing with problem employees gently — so the whole team doesn't suffer as a result? "When you need to deal with a problem employee, be prepared to reference the original description for that position or project, and frame the...

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13 Powerful SEO Tools for Startups

Which SEO tools have been most helpful to your business Question by: Ashley SEOMoz for Everything "SEOMoz's suite of products has essentially provided us the value of our own personal SEO consultant. We use their tools track keyword rankings, rate on-page...

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11 Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

Question: What's the best way to collect customer feedback on new products or services? Be the Customer "The best way to get first-hand customer feedback is to step into the shoes of the customer. Even if you're selling a product of which you're not typically a user...

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