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5 Ways to Hone Your Management Style (If You’re New to Managing)

Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes. That’s how you learn. When you become a manager, you’re suddenly navigating unfamiliar territory. The key to success in your new role is treating everything as a learning opportunity, especially any mistakes you may make along the way.


10 Creative Ways to Use Snapchat to Grow Your Brand

Snapchat is more than just a social media tool. It’s a unique way to give the world a behind-the-scenes look into makes your brand so distinguished. Here are 10 creative ways you can use Snapchat to elevate your brand.


The Differences Between Silent Partners and Investors

1. An Investor Helps Directly With Operations  An investor is someone who not only invests in a company but also plays a role in the daily operations and management decisions. A silent partner usually invests a large sum of money but prefers not to be involved in the daily operations.

Verge Startups

10 Strategies for Negotiating Like a Pro

Seal the deal on your next business opportunity. As a business owner, getting what you want is imperative to your company’s success. That’s because losing a deal could mean losing a competitive advantage—whether it be resources, clients, or sales that are meant to propel your business forward.

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How to Give Your Boss Constructive Criticism and Still Keep Your Job

If you think you’re the only person who’s ever dreamed of chucking a ninja star at your boss, think again. The sadistic smartphone game Beat the Boss has been downloaded eight million times and spawned two highly popular sequels.

Brazen Life

Rage-Quitting: Why Are We So Quick to Quit?

There probably aren’t too many people out there who haven’t dreamed of telling off their boss once and for all. I mean really letting them have it—desks swept clean, chair overturned, shouted denunciations, the whole bit.


How important has written communication been to your success?

While most of us wouldn’t hesitate to go on a first date with a pretty face, we probably wouldn’t go much further without a connection. How, exactly, do two parties connect?


Best Advice I Ever Got: Nicolas Gremion

Nicolas Gremion moved to Costa Rica with a credit card and an idea for changing the book-publishing business. Crazy? Maybe, but it’s working.

Nicolas Germion is the founder and CEO of Paradise Publishers Inc., the company behind Foboko and Free-eBooks, an e-book publisher.